HLA Vistahermosa Hospital

About our Organization 

HLA Vistahermosa Hospital is in the top positions of the HLA hospital group and one of the most well-known health organizations on the Mediterranean coast. Its main tasks are: Health care, Surgery, Outpatient Consultation, Rehabilitation, Research, Health Students’ Training and Continuing Professional Development. It owns different Quality Certifications and every year national and international students from different academic levels (undergraduate, master degree and doctoral ones) stay on practical placements in the field of Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Biomedical Engineering.

The hospital is linked with the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Alicante (UA) and the Faculty of Medicine at the University Miguel Hernández (UMH) and collaborates with other outstanding higher education institutions related with Health such as the International University of Valencia (VIU), the University Europea in Madrid (UEM) and the University Europea in Valencia (UEV).

Why we are Participating in the Project 

HLA Vistahermosa Hospital has previously participated in other European Commission Projects regarding Educational Innovation such as the HEALINT Project and the PROCARE Project. In line with this we believe in the importance of creating tools and courses that are inclusive, flexible and stress the importance of the cultural aspects that are part of the clinical contexts. Moreover our professional staff gets motivated by the participation in this type of projects and the results produced as well as with the interaction with colleagues from other partner teams.

Our Role in the Project 

HLA Vistahermosa Hospital’s role in the project is directly related with its capacity to train national and international students from the health sector in Alicante nowadays, as well as its experience in conducting research pilot studies within its clinical placements. Vistahermosa will be one strategic partner team for dissemination and exploitation and will also participate in the different Intellectual Outputs especially in those considered as context-based and regarding research piloting in real environments for traineeship.

Prof. Dr. Manuel Lillo-Crespo

Prof. Dr. Manuel Lillo-Crespo

Adjunct Director HLA Vistahermosa Hospital

Apart from his role in the Hospital’s Management Board, he is a Professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Alicante with experience in leading international research projects. Also Active member of the HLA Hospital Group Commissions such as: the National Commission of Quality and Excellence of Health Organizations, the National Commission of Pharmacy and the National Commission of Nursing.

Patricia Verdú-Rodríguez

Patricia Verdú-Rodríguez

Projects’ Development, Technology & Environmental issues

She is a Biomedical Engineer with a Master Degree in Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence having participated in other innovation projects combining the technological part and educational field.

Pilar Catalá-Rodríguez

Pilar Catalá-Rodríguez

Nursing Coordinator at the Emergency Room, HLA Vistahermosa Hospital.

She is a Nurse with a Master Degree in Emergencies and another one in Quality of Care. Also Adjunct Clinical Teacher at the University CEU San Pablo in Elche. Pilar has broad experience in CPR Training with civil population and professional staff.